Veritas Agro is a Brazilian Real Estate company with expertise in land development with the highest appreciation edge and ROI, for institutional and private investors. We focus on low-risk projects of sustainable forestry, project set up, project acquisitions and management of eucalyptus and teak forestry for our investors.

The world production of teak timber is estimated in 3 million m³ / year, this is extremely low comparing with today´s demand In the international market. the imbalance between offer and demand determined the continued appreciation of teak timber, witch registered an average price gain of 9,5% per year, in american dollar, between 1970 and 2005.

Teak is the most profitable long-term investment comparing to any other plantation or forest in the agribusiness, easy to administrate, low risk, guaranteed market, can generate carbon credit and teak´s aprecciation in the next two decades will surpass any expectations, once the global demand for this noble timber will increase in large scale.


The investor purchases and register the property either individually or through a corporate structure;
Farmland is purchased below market value in regions with strong expected appreciation;
The teak produced in future is targeted to have sale agreements with ASIAN corporations and timber importers;
The consumption of teak timber is constantly increasing and also its international quotation.

The first rotation projected ROI is 25% to 30% per year

After twelve years of growth, the teak forest and the farmland, both can be sold to several equity funds or East Asia Corporations, giving to our clients a top ranked profitability rate over 500%. In the agribusiness segment, teak reforestation is far the most profitable long-term investment with managed low-risk.