Veritas Agro is a force in rural asset management and offer specialist advice from planning to negotiate with best tenants for all types of agro production, with complete and detailed legal assistance to avoid any contractual discrepancy. We act for major blue chip company, private investors, mutual funds and institutions who appreciate our proactive consulting and management techniques.

Because this is one of the core specialties of our business we know exactly what we are about. Rental values may go down and up but our advice remains consistently outstanding, reflecting the chancing face of rural economy and world trends. Veritas Agro has the tenant for the land and the land for the tenants. However, when compared with other countries, only 3,3% of brazilian agricultural land was under lease or sharecropping contracts in the lastest world census of agriculture. In contrast, this figure is about 33% in Europe and almost 38% in the United States. Considering brazil is large land area and the extensive portion of this area occupied by agriculture and pastures, the potential land rentals to increase agricultural productivity is huge. For example, estimations from Assad show that brazil accounts for over then 45 million hectares of degraded pastureland in states outside the amazon suitable for the production of sugarcane and grains. This represents more than 65% of the total brazilian cropland in 2008.

Brazil’s land rental market fall short, a real opportunity with liquidity , this niche of market is unique in the global economy, that is the reason the visionary “George Soros” finds brazilian lands the real state opportunity of the next decades and world food security.

Veritas Agro understand the land development process and our expert service is planned in market knowledge and hands on experience. Our team of professionals have a proven track record in identifying development opportunities and advising on appropriate strategies to release best value before bringing them forward to sale.

But doesn’t stop there. As the list our services demonstrate, Veritas Agro also offer a notorious development consultancy service, providing professional advice on all aspects of farming development:

Strategic planning;
Landowner collaboration and equalization agreement;
Production project and viability studies;
Commodity selection;
Farming rental appraisals and valuations;
Rental contract consulting.

Our analysis find that Brazil still has the imperfection of the legal system; brazilian legislation imposes several binding and non-renounceable clauses for land rental contracts; legal assistance is extremely important for farming rental in Brazil, this is the reason land rental market in Brazil is underperforming, land legislation is improving its disincentives due the growth of rental market and the legal mechanisms is a relevant part of Veritas Agro consulting for rental farm highest performance, bringing equity for landowners and tenants.