The conditions in Brazil for fruit production, for the domestic and external market, give it advantages over the competing countries due its favorable climatic conditions, high availability of area, fertile soil and reasonable collection of technologies.

The Northeast region, which produces 29% of the national total, represents the region with the greatest potential for producing tropical fruits in view of the suitable soils and climates, which has provided a rapid leadership in the national fruticulture: 1st place in the production of pineapple, banana, cashew, coconut, papaya, grapes, lime and melon.

Another advantage of the Northeast of Brazil is the proximity of the importing markets (Europe and the United States). In this way, several developments in the fruit industry have been installed in this region. Brazil is one of the few countries that has potential conditions of available area and fruit diversity to meet the growth of Global demand.

Veritas Agro offers many opportunities in the fruit sector, our consulting includes the selection and acquisition of the most tailored fruit farms. Besides that, we participate in production, certification, logistics, processing and export, through BlissFruits Brazil our subsidiary company. We are always seeking international partnerships for greenfield and brownfield projects with highest profitability.