We’re very selective about our portfolio of produces. We work closely with growers to ensure highest quality, tasting fruits, with plenty of fresh and that enables your bussiness a better revenue.

Blissfruit operates in the brokerage, export and prospection of fresh fruit in all Brazilian territory, negociating with transparency best price with growers and we’re the commercial division of Veritas Agro. Strategically, simplifying the logistics complexity of purchasing within Brazil, a continental country with different climates, an important Global Supplier of fresh fruits and with different crop seasons.

The harvest calendar throughout Brazil is well-known by Blissfruit, being located in the Northeast region, where mostly production of tropical fruits to export is concentrated. Blissfruit acts as procurement purchaser, representative or exporter, for the supermarket chains and distributors of fresh produce in Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia.

Blissfruit can offer importers various services through its associated partners, such as: inspection service, quality control, great fruit portfolio, produce selection, packing house, besides that, complete consulting and logistic assistance during the buying process.

Our company guarantees the best standards for a safe delivery of fresh and healthy products. Always focused on quality control that includes harvest data, advice, evaluate growers, selection of key suppliers and looking foward to offer our experience to your company.


  • Organizational skills to meet our client’s priorities and timelines
  • Knowledge related to produce quality, certificates and data analyzes
  • Ability to identify indicators of bad produce or produce near spoilage
  • The most profitable acquistion price with the maximum transparency
  • Solid knowledge of produce growing, packing, and storage processes
  • Evaluate, select and negotiate legal contracts with strategical suppliers
  • Negociate with logistic companies to secure freight when necessary

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