In Brazil the potential for products that originate from farms is very high. The country has the second largest cattle herd in the world and is the second biggest exporter of beef. There is also a high demand for dairy products, cattle ranching is stable, solid and an increasing investment.

The world demand for protein will be much higher, the global population will reach almost 10 billion in 2050 and currently is expected an emerging class of almost 2 billion consumers because of world economic growth. The cattle population will not growth as global population future demand.

The market in Brazil has been exploding in growth as it has the largest under-utilized land base for cattle and 90% of all the current cattle farms are not operated to maximize land usage.

We can identify the best opportunities for our partners and for investors seeking to invest in cattle farms, with improved margins and profit.

Veritas Agro provides for our investors, land purchased below the market value and the cattle will be sold by Veritas management on behalf of the investor in the local market.

Cattle investment is low risk, relative low setup costs, excellent ROI and short term return on investment.