Projecting a farmland asset portfolio is a complex undertaking, requiring a combination of skills in investment, market trends and agriculture disciplines. Veritas Agro dominates the gap between these fields and, as such, is well informed to help investors to design portfolios to achieve a specific set of investment criteria and low-risk profile.

We are experienced in designing and engineering portfolio strategies under a range of circumstances from working directly with institutional investors and high level private investors and their advisors to fund investment committees and other investment intermediaries.

Veritas Agro can provide consultancy for tax, legal or regulatory advice. We have significant structuring experience from previous engagements with regard to the Brazilian environmental legislation and farming documentation. In combination with the working relationships we have developed with professional service providers, this allows us to support our investors to create flexible and tax efficient ownership structures quickly and optimize costs.

You are welcome to have a preliminary no compromised discussion with us about how an agricultural asset portfolio might be constructed to meet your own investment requirements. Please, feel free to contact us. If you prefer us to contact you, please click here to complete the contact form and we will be happy to have the appropriate team member to call you to begin conversation on strictly confidential bases.


Nevertheless, most investors entering the asset class for the first time have common singularities to their enthusiasm, the emphasis with respect to risk-return varies. For instance, agricultural assets are seen by most as a hedge against inflation or a means to offset risk in other parts of their portfolio, but the income component can be more or less of a priority. Some investors will specify a minimum requirement of profitability rate, for example, 7% annually. Others make it clear that although they are looking for a return of investment, return of capital should take priority over everything else. For some clients liquidity is an important issue, others are investing for the very long term. All of these objectives impact the property sourcing decision and strategy process in different ways.

Veritas Agro has developed an investment vision of your portfolio composition priorities, this let us to plan a set of investment criteria which will contribute to format the asset selection process. Your portfolio composition will be followed and analyzed in different aspects like:

Profitability rate;
Crop mix;
Enterprise type;
Geographical diversification (Agro Intelligence);
Climate type and risk profile (Agro Intelligence);
Development potential;
Lease liquidity;
Planting costs;
Logistical infra-structure;
Land value appreciation;
Farmland price.

Our property sourcing consulting includes the following components: Enquiry our real-time database of all properties available on the market (which will include ‘off-market’ properties exclusive to Veritas Agro) to identify possible acquisitions in accordance with your investment profile. Veritas Agro also provides to our investors farmland projects ready to invest under our management and developed AGRO Technology.