A growing number of investors are turning to agricultural real assets. For the first time, Brazil is worldwide known to be a strategical global player for agricultural commodities, a unique continental country in the south hemisphere.

With three crops per year, Mato Grosso state is plenty of farmlands with the highest potential of valorization and high liquidity. Futurely, Brazil will become the major food security for the global market. Consequently, will attract more and more international land investors.

In the coming decades, the demand for farmland and the commodities that it produces will exceed any other period in history. This is an indisputable fact. As such, agriculture represents an enormous opportunity for investors, both in terms of sheer untapped scale of the assets class and such profitable returns agricultural investors are likely to realize in the coming years.

Brazil owns 25% of the water and arable lands available in the World, everything indicates that Brazil will become the leading market food supplier and the best solution for the Global food security.

Veritas Agro was established on the premise that an asset class so utterly compelling to be. So heavily underinvested in, there must be a market failure with respect to access and guide with professionalism farmland investors in Brazil. We’ve been working hard ever since to address it.

Brazil has the lowest land prices on a land comparing with any cost per hectare production basis. Major agricultural economy in the world and Brazilian commercial scale farms generate the highest return on capital, manly in states like Mato Grosso and Tocantins, privileged to have favorable infrastructure and abundance of rain all over the year.

From our office in Brazil, we assist our clients at all levels of investment process. From initial farmland selection, due diligence and purchase through to tenanting, management and liquidity advantages for future transactions.

Veritas Agro was created by the union of two partners, self-motivated to the farming business and well prepared to lead strategically the complexity of farmland acquisitions by foreigners. Our director board is specialized in environmental legislation, notary registration, legislation, farming development/assessment and Veritas Agro has associated brokers in strategical rural areas.

Real Estates in Brazil are registered via notary offices, extrajudicial private entities that are managed by the government. There are some regulations, restrictions, and specific laws when it comes to acquisition of rural land by foreigners.

Veritas Agro has deep experience on the Real Estate Market, provides our company with a comprehensive expertise of all aspects, so that we can help clients make investments with more efficiency and managed risk.

“The demand for farmland and commodities it produces will exceed any other period in history. As such, Brazil huge farming territories represent an enormous opportunity for investors. With our help they will maximize their profitability and surpass their expectancy in terms of return of investment.”

Alexandre Bonavita, founder


Maximize our investors profitability and surpass their expectancy in terms of return of investment (ROI)